DARIO CINANNI was born in Melito P.S. (RC), Italy, on January 21, 1974.

In the mid '90s, the various summer tours as Sound Engineer and passion for audio pushed him to achieve a Diploma degree of Sound Engineer, experience improved as a collaborator in a recording studio.

His first patent was filed at 26 years old. This patent concern Power Dissipation in Loudspeakers. (IT Patent 257740 issued October 23, 2000)

He graduated in Electronic Engineering in 2002 at University of Bologna, presenting a thesis on thermal dissipation in moving coil loudspeakers.

In the same year he received a technology based research grant awarded by Consorzio Spinner, European Social Fund and Emilia Romagna Region, obtained for the development of a new patent covering a novel method for increasing the dissipative performance of low frequency loudspeakers.

In 2005 he filed his first international patent (EU Patent EP 1 836 873 B1 issued January 11, 2006). In the same year he got a Diploma degree on Vibrations, at the University of Ferrara, he also designed and built SpeakerLAB®, an automatic measurement system based on µP for loudspeakers power and stress test.

In November 2005 he attended the AES (Audio Engineering Society) Italian Congress, Research in Italy between Universities and Companies, presenting a technical paper concerning cooling system for speakers (subject of PCT) and SpeakerLAB®.

From 2005 to 2008 he worked as Project Leader in Faital S.p.a. Professional division, Milan. He was in charge of design and development of Compression Drivers & Horns.

For his electro-acoustic researches, in September 2006 he received an award from Anassilaos, a Cultural Association of Reggio Calabria, with high patronage of the President of the Italian republic and the Council of Ministers presidency.

In November 2007 he was been elected Councillor of the Executive AES, Italian Section.

From 2008 to 2012 he was in charge of the High Frequency Design in R&D department of Eighteen Sound, a division of AEB S.p.A. in Reggio Emilia. During this period he filed a patent design dealing with a new compression driver pole plate (EU Patent 001093926-0001 issued February 23, 2009).

From 2012 to 2015 he was in charge of High Frequency Manager in CIARE S.r.l., Senigallia (AN). In 2013 he filed a patent about a new magnetic assembly for loudspeakers (EU Patent Application EP2696598A2 issued August 01, 2013 granted in 2014) and a patent design relative to a commercial product equipped with this new technology (EU Patent 001093926-0001 issued February 23, 2009). The last patent regards a new concept about an high frequency acoustic waveguide type (EU Patent EP15158244 Italian priority date March 10 2014, granted in December 2015).

From 2016 he is in charge of Product Development Acoustic at ASK Industries S.p.a. (JVC Kenwook Corp.), in Monte San Vito (AN). 


Attached 1: Electronic Engineer degree

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